Not forgetting my achievements


At today’s group people discussed achievements they have gained in their lives.  If suffering from low mood you may be prone to seeing things from a negative viewpoint. As a result, you may end up dismissing or playing down your achievements which can then lead to low self-worth.

A list of some of those achievements were:

  • Going on holiday alone
  • Making brave decisions about relationships
  • Gaining qualifications later in life
  • Being able to say yes or no
  • new employment ideas
  • Going to University
  • Using the self-service check-out in a supermarket!
  • Showing resilience in such tough times
  • Taking calculated risks
  • speaking to a big group of people
  • Breaking free from unhealthy situations

Listening to everyone’s achievements seemed to inspire everyone with the immense courage and bravery shown. It very much helped reinforce the fact that members have indeed accomplished many things in life even though they did not initially think so. 

 If you are experiencing challenging times it’s important to remember the things you have achieved and can further achieve. 

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