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Dealing with Guilt


At today’s group we looked at guilt and how to learn to let go of it. We can go through life feeling weighed down by the strain of guilt from situations from the past. It can manifest into a belief that you are a bad person. Beliefs such as this can prove to be so debilitating, and affect our long-term well-being. The belief system that you hold on yourself may be totally unfounded yet you are dragged down by it. People who have been victims of abuse can often feel like it was their fault which can often lead to years of carrying unjustified guilt without the realisation that the abuse they suffered was not their fault. People do make mistakes in life and some which can have massive consequences for them and others. As long as we are able to learn from mistakes and maybe see it as where you were at that time, and are able to show remorse you are in a far better position to deal with feelings of guilt. Below is a section from an article on

*The Negative Effects of Guilt

Some of the effects of withheld guilt:

  • Guilt can greatly affect our self-esteem.
  • It can weigh us down and prevent us from moving forward in life.
  • The emotional burden can literally make us “heavy” and manifest as physical weight problems.
  • It can lead to a lot of self-criticism and problems with perfectionism.
  • Those who carry guilt can become very apologetic, and are often saying “I’m sorry” for even the most insignificant things.
  • We can become paranoid about what others think of us, due to our own feelings of inadequacy.
  • Ongoing negative thoughts and emotions create changes within our subtle energy system, which can affect our physical health and lead to dis-ease.
  • Guilt is often created early on in childhood, when children are made to feel bad about their various behaviours. This can lead to emotional blocks later in life

Why Dealing with Guilt is a Positive Thing

It’s impossible to go through life without doing things we regret. But you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and you deserve to be free to expand and grow.

There are many reasons why dealing with guilt is a positive move:

  • When you accept and then release your feelings of guilt, you will instantly feel “lighter”, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • It is highly likely your physical health will begin to improve.
  • Dealing with guilt will allow more positive thoughts and emotions to arise from your being. This in turn creates a much more positive life experience and will allow good things to flow into your life.
  • Releasing your guilt is a great act of self-love
  • When we have a negative experience with another, it can create an etheric cord between the two of you. Your guilt in relation to another can also affect their energy body. So releasing your guilt will also have positive benefits for the person or people who are the subject of your guilt.
  • When we have a negative experience with another, it can create an etheric cord between the two of you. Your guilt in relation to another can also affect their energy body. So releasing your guilt will also have positive benefits for the person or people who are the subject of your guilt.*


As guilt can feel live a heavy topic for group members we tfelt it a good idea to look at some of the footage that was shot for our promotional video which seemed to bring a healthy balance to the group.



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Preparing promotional video


At today’s group we filmed footage for a promotional video showcasing what the group is about. We had our own hand made storyboards at the ready! We really wanted to get across what people gain from attending the group and their experiences of it.  The below questions were used as bullet points for the things we wanted to express in the video;

  1. How did you find out about the group?
  2. Does the group feel like a safe space?
  3. What activities do you do in the group?
  4. Do you enjoy sharing lunch at the end of session?
  5. Does attending the group improve your wellbeing?

More exciting promo video updates in the near future! To be continued….


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Feeling comfortable in the present


Today we focused on the benefits of using mindfulness. With ever-increasing advances in technology we now have everything at our fingertips and are equipped to get what we want much quicker than we ever have in the past. Life at times can feel like it is moving at 100 M.P.H, that we find it hard to stop to take a break and appreciate being in the present. We can put so much pressure on ourselves by always feeling the need to be achieving things and not wanting to do things that we perceive as wasting time. Ironically, actually taking the time to sit and be mindful is equally an achievement which can then lead to improved health and better position to deal with what life has to offer.

We did a 10 minute exercise focusing on breathing and being able to relax.  We then took part in the ‘Five Senses’. This exercise can be used to quickly ground yourself in the present when you only have a moment. The goal is to notice something that you are currently experiencing through each of your senses. Below is an example which has been adapted from

What are 5 things you can see?  Look around you and notice 5 things you hadn’t noticed before. Maybe a pattern on the wall or a light reflecting from a surface.

What are 4 things you can feel?  Maybe you can feel the pressure of your feet on the floor, your shirt resting on your shoulders, or the temperature on your skin. Pick up an object and notice its texture.

What are 3 things that you can hear?  Notice all the background sounds you had been filtering out, such as air conditioning, birds chirping, or cars on a distant street.

What are 2 things you can smell?  Maybe you can smell flowers, coffee, or freshly cut grass. It doesn’t have to be a nice smell either.

What is 1 thing you can taste?  Pop a piece of gum in your mouth, sip a drink, eat a snack if you have one, or simply notice how your mouth tastes. “Taste” the air to see how it feels on your tongue.

The numbers for each sense are only a guideline. Feel free to do more or less of each. Also, try this exercise while doing an activity like washing dishes, listening to music, or going for a walk.

In conclusion, doing these exercises really made us realise how healthy it can be to stay in the present without the need to dwell on thoughts from the past or fears we may have of the future.