Who/What Helps Pull Me Up?


At today’s group we looked at what helped people to feel better while experiencing low mood. It is a really horrible feeling when you feel you are stuck under a big black cloud with no sign of hope or light. As this group is all about finding and building hope we felt it would be interesting to see what does help people who feel loss of hope. We did ‘The people I would get to hold the rope for me’ exercise (picture above). It allowed people to write down who or what helps then while feeling on the edge. These are what people chose; Friends, good song, food, mother, routine, garden, sun, and music. This exercise made people think about how they feel while asking for help. Most people agreed that they really found it hard to ask for help. We then discussed what it would be like if we were the people holding the rope to help someone. They said they would do all they could to help someone else. What this showed was how people are so good at helping others but find it harder to apply the same compassion to themselves.

We then went on to do an exercise called ‘Scrap box of six places’ People filled this in putting in the six places that made them happy. They were;  Chess club, Visiting Paris, London, Dundee, Bournemouth, Loch Ness, Arthur Seat, New Craighall fields, beach, cinema, fet-lor boys club, Sunbathing, Countryside, music festivals, street markets, people watching in city, and different fictional places.  

In light of today’s group we realised that learning to have more self-compassion is something we will continue to work on .

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