How School Affected Me


At the group today we looked back at our experiences of school and the legacy it left behind. We wanted to have a rounded discussion looking at both the good times and the times that were not so good. Below are what people came up with;

Bad Experiences

  • Belittled by teachers
  • No support to help me with problems at home
  • Bullied by other kids
  • Humiliation/abuse by teachers
  • Looked down on for not having ‘the right’ clothes
  • Called stupid by teacher and made to stand out in front of other pupils
  • Played truant to avoid school
  • Not being able to talk about mental health
  • Not believed by teachers
  • Exams

Good Experiences

  • A welcome break from home life
  • Gave safe structure
  • Felt understood by teacher
  • Helped to find a voice
  • Supportive teachers
  • Made good friends
  • Loved drama
  • Learned languages
  • Enjoyed music scene
  • Got a dinner
  • Fashion


It was really interesting to compare the school of today to what it was like in the past. We thought that there is now an improvement in the support pupils receive and that there is also a better understanding of mental health. In days gone by there was much less knowledge of things like dyslexia, A.D.H.D etc. Who knows, if this information had been available then it may have prevented the needless suffering experienced by people who grew up believing they were stupid? We then discussed unhelpful school rules. An example of this is if you did not have shorts or trainers to participate in gym (P.E) you were then made to do it in your bare feet and underpants. This must have been so demeaning and damaging for pupils. Thankfully practices like this are no longer active and are consigned to the past.

In conclusion, members enjoyed having the the opportunity to talk about the good and bad of their school years and that no matter the experience they could try and learn from it and be the person they strive to be. Even people who suffered bad experiences felt that it could provide motivation for them to succeed in life. Below are examples of two very different experiences of school but were both used in a way that helped them to succeed in life.


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