Stages of change

  Today we looked at how people could make positive changes in their lives and ways to do this. This group’s ethos is very much built upon movement and progressing to a place of hope from low points of despair. For some, the very thought of change invokes a fear of the unknown. This canContinue reading “Stages of change”

Who/What Helps Pull Me Up?

At today’s group we looked at what helped people to feel better while experiencing low mood.┬áIt is a really horrible feeling when you feel you are stuck under a big black cloud with no sign of hope or light. As this group is all about finding and building hope we felt it would be interestingContinue reading “Who/What Helps Pull Me Up?”

How School Affected Me

At the group today we looked back at our experiences of school and the legacy it left behind. We wanted to have a rounded discussion looking at both the good times and the times that were not so good. Below are what people came up with; Bad Experiences Belittled by teachers No support to helpContinue reading “How School Affected Me”


(Made by the group) Today we looked at the concept of growth and what we could do to increase growth as individuals and also as a group. We started by discussing ideas for a promotional video with the aim to help increase the profile of the group while at the same time raising hope forContinue reading “Growth”