Mental Health Awareness Week


It has been really encouraging to see the positive impact ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ seems to have had on our nation. From the ‘Heads Together’ campaign coordinated by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, to sports people and various other celebrities relaying their own experiences we can see the real difference talking about your mental health can make.

The group wanted to play a part in raising awareness, and reducing the stigmas that surround mental health. The suggestions people came up with were;

  • Educating children at school
  • Educating people on the impact felt by families and carers
  • More support for families and carers
  • More safe spaces for people to talk
  • Educating people to be empathic
  • Age appropriate advertising on TV
  • Life skills and talks in High School
  • More famous people talking in the media
  • Compulsory mental health training for GP’s

While as a society we have made strides forward in changing perceptions around mental health we are under no illusions that there is still some way to go. The vocabulary we use can prove to be really useful in reducing stigma. You only have to think back to 30 years ago to the terminology that was used to describe different ethnicities and how inappropriate and unacceptable those terms are now. The hope is that by raising awareness now similar changes will happen within the way society deals with mental health.

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