Life Experiences

Today we did an exercise where group members looked at their life experiences (good and bad) from the past and present leading on to hopes for the future. We broke it down into those three sections. Firstly, we wanted people to see how past events play a part in  were we are in the present. Secondly,Continue reading “Life Experiences”

Mental Health Awareness Week

It has been really encouraging to see the positive impact ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ seems to have had on our nation. From the ‘Heads Together’ campaign coordinated by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, to sports people and various other celebrities relaying their own experiences we can see the real difference talkingContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week”

What Movies/TV Shows mean to us

At today’s group we looked at Movies and TV shows and what they mean to us. The exercise we did was similar to the music one we did a few weeks ago.  We asked members what movies they were watching at different stages in their lives. The stages are; 10 years of age, 15 yearsContinue reading “What Movies/TV Shows mean to us”

Journeys (John Arthur as guest)

It was a real pleasure to welcome John Arthur to the group today as guest. John is well-known around Edinburgh for the work he does in the recovery community. People who know John find him to be an inspiring and caring figure who likes to help and stand up for disadvantaged people in society. WithContinue reading “Journeys (John Arthur as guest)”