Art and Crafts

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In today’s group we used art materials to make some interesting objects.  We had lots of crafts to use including; small canvases, paints, colouring pens, stones, twigs, glitter, sand, candles and buttons.  We enjoyed seeing all the inventive things people had made. What was fascinating about doing the arts and crafts was how relaxed it seemed to make people feel and enabled group members to chat more freely.

Before the art and crafts excercise the group had an interesting discussion on the way society views the differences between men and women who have mental health or addiction issues. Group members felt that society views females who have alcohol problems in a more derogatory way then males with alcohol problems. With men there can be an image of macho bravado while for women it is seen as far more unacceptable in society. When it came to mental health problems members felt that females found it easier to talk about emotional issues than men.  For men there was more of a sense of a shame talking about their mental health problems. What we in the group want and continue to encourage is; for people to be treated equally without sense of shame regardless of the person’s gender and get the help they need to lead a more fulfilling life.

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