Musical Healing

At the group today we revisited a topic which is regularly requested for in the programme, music.  We did the exercise where you ask people what music they were listening to at different stages in their lives. The stages we used were; 10 years of age, teenage years and in your 20’s. Below are theContinue reading “Musical Healing”

From Anxiety to Relaxation

Today we started off the group by looking at the ways in which anxiety can affect us. *When you are stressed, adrenaline gets released into your body ready to run away or fight what it thinks is dangerous or threatening.  When we were cave people, this was useful, as we were living in the wild andContinue reading “From Anxiety to Relaxation”

Art and Crafts

In today’s group we used art materials to make some interesting objects.  We had lots of crafts to use including; small canvases, paints, colouring pens, stones, twigs, glitter, sand, candles and buttons.  We enjoyed seeing all the inventive things people had made. What was fascinating about doing the arts and crafts was how relaxed itContinue reading “Art and Crafts”