Confidence Building


At today’s group we looked at how we can build our confidence and the way we view ourselves.  Group members talked about how fear and change can play a part in their self-worth or lack of it. Fear of the unknown is quite a common thing people can struggle with especially if change is thrust upon you.  A group member described their fears and apprehension about starting a new job and their doubts of whether they could actually do it.  Through perseverance and hard work they began to love the job and believed it was the making of them and this then lead on to a positive knock on affect in other parts of their life.  We are not saying it is easy to face fears or to try something new, it can feel terrifying, but by trying you’re giving yourself the opportunity to dip your toe in the water to find out. If it doesn’t work out try something else, you’ve not lost anything by giving it a go and not being put off  by fear of failure. If you can do this you’ll see your confidence grow.

As today’s group was all about building confidence we chose to revisit an excercise we have used in the past which helps people see their strengths and qualities.  Each group member has post it notes with their name on it which are passed around to other members who then write down some of the qualities they see in that member. Once this is completed, the list is given to the member who, if ok with it will read it out. People felt really touched and appreciative of the feedback they received from their fellow group members.  Some people also found it hard to believe the qualities that others saw in them.  A common quality that came up all the time was ‘kindness’.  People could see good things in others but found it hard to see them in themselves.  Helping people to learn to be kind and compassionate to their self  is one of the main aims in this group.  For group members it’s about learning to apply the same kindness and comspassion they undoubtedly have for others to themselves. The good thing about the strengths and qualities list is that people can take them away put them in their wallet/purse or on their fridge and remind themselves of the qualities others see in them.  Group members really enjoyed the excercise and found it fun.  While leaving, group members took away their lists safe in the knowledge that if negative thoughts occur they can pull out their list of qualities others see in them.





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