How humour can help with depression


quote-i-can-do-comedy-so-people-want-me-to-do-that-but-the-other-side-of-comedy-is-depression-deep-parker-posey-147747At today’s group we looked at the ways in which humour can have a positive impact on our mental health.  Members felt that while humour can prove a really useful tool in achieving better mental health they also acknowledged the fact that this or other interests may not make much of a difference if they are feeling so low and at rock bottom.  Members said that if they felt really bad and were not functioning properly humour could potentially make them feel worse.  It’s like anything we normally enjoy while feeling well, these things could then turn out to be the very things that trigger us while we feel at such a low ebb.  Being self-aware of what your triggers are and being mindful of your health helps play a part in achieving better mental health.  It’s worth remembering that just because someone feels rock bottom at the moment does not mean that things cannot change.  With better health you are in a better position to enjoy interests and humour.

The things that members found funny and cheered them up included; Fawlty Towers, The Office, The big bang theory and comedians Billy Connolly and Richard Herring.  This then led us on to discuss the link between comedians and depression.  We watched videos from comedians who have had mental health issues.  The videos explain how comedians use ‘stand up’ to benefit their mental health and raise awareness.  The link to the videos are from the new Mind and Comedy Central campaign

We also read this interesting article from the Huffington Post 

In conclusion we realise that humour can play a helpful part in someone’s recovery but it has to be at an appropriate time for an individual to reap the benefits.





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