Favourite Places


At today’s group we looked at what group members favourite or safe places were.  This exercise was not meant solely for holiday destinations visited, but places that people found comfort in and felt safe.  Groups members talked about how certain places and environments really benefited their health.   People’s favourite places included; Their garden, Arthur Seat (Edinburgh), Rome, Tokyo, Munich, Amsterdam, Milan, St Margaret’s Loch (Edinburgh), Venice, Reykjavik, Somerset, Devon, Florence, The Highlands, Botanical Gardens (Edinburgh), Dunnottar Castle (Stonehaven), Miami, Jersey and Simpson House was also mentioned which is always nice to hear.  As you can see from the list it is really varied for each individual although Italy seems to be the one common denominator!  What this exercise showed us was how important environments can be for people and their wellbeing.  For some people simply getting out of bed and being able to function can feel so hard. Having the bravery to get up and go out for a little walk can really help your mood and give you a sense of achievement that can help build up your self-worth.

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