Confidence Building

At today’s group we looked at how we can build our confidence and the way we view ourselves.  Group members talked about how fear and change can play a part in their self-worth or lack of it. Fear of the unknown is quite a common thing people can struggle with especially if change is thrustContinue reading “Confidence Building”

The Joy Therapets Bring

Inviting a therapet to the group was something we have wanted to do for some time, so it was great to welcome Willow (Therapet) and his owner Barry along to the group.  It was lovely seeing the way Willow interacted with Group members and the smiles she brought to their faces.  If Willow did not thinkContinue reading “The Joy Therapets Bring”

How humour can help with depression

  At today’s group we looked at the ways in which humour can have a positive impact on our mental health.  Members felt that while humour can prove a really useful tool in achieving better mental health they also acknowledged the fact that this or other interests may not make much of a difference ifContinue reading “How humour can help with depression”

Favourite Places

At today’s group we looked at what group members favourite or safe places were.  This exercise was not meant solely for holiday destinations visited, but places that people found comfort in and felt safe.  Groups members talked about how certain places and environments really benefited their health.   People’s favourite places included; Their garden, Arthur SeatContinue reading “Favourite Places”