A letter to my younger self


At today’s group we wanted to look at how people could show compassion to their younger self.  The idea of this exercise was to, as an adult address a child part that is still hurting and to show compassion and understanding for their younger self in a nurturing way rather than trying to change things that had happened in the past. Group members found this experience to be really cathartic and it allowed them to make some peace with the past.  A group member mentioned how her painful experiences from the past had shaped her into being the kind, compassionate person she is today.  For others increasing self-worth and believing that they are likeable is still proving to be a work in progress.  The good thing about this group is that people inspire each other.  We also discussed how important good attachments are at a young age for a child’s development.  For some people with very difficult relationships in childhood, just one adult who cared for them and provided love, safety and fun made all the difference in a difficult time.  In conclusion, today’s session proved to be extremely worthwhile and showed the continued importance of nurturing our inner child as adults.

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