maxresdefaultWith a background soundtrack of forest sounds and Himalayan singing bowls we embarked on a relaxation journey of finding some time to breath properly and be peaceful. With our relaxation sessions ever popular, we discovered once again at what a fast paced life we lead, with our shoulders crunched up to our ears and the air not fully filling our lungs.  So for a time in the group,  we just sat and allowed all of our focus to be upon breathing, that life necessity, breathing in deeply and allowing the air to circulate and the relaxation to reach all parts of our bodies and calm to be around our minds.

We then moved onto some mindful colouring and gentle conversation, the relaxation had opened the way for the conversation to be lighthearted and fun provoking laughter perhaps a little more easily than it comes when we are all bound up with stress filled thoughts and feelings.  With the new Trainspotting film coming out (potentially not very relaxing) people reflected experiences of what the story meant for them in their own lives in Edinburgh and the drug culture.  But mostly people celebrated and laughed at the pure Barry unique sayings and words of Edinburgh and Scotland especially the word ‘shan’, a favourite in the group.

On a more serious note, we had a discussion about how depression is viewed by mental health services as compared to other mental health illnesses.  Obviously hospitals are for people in crisis with serious conditions which are life threatening or with disturbingly active symptoms, and so whilst people suffering in more extreme states are understandably a priority, there seems to be a bit of a loophole for those suffering a bit more invisibly with depression for which there seems to be no half way house for treatment-you access care when in crisis rather than preventative care.

Thankfully more people have started talking about a wider spectrum of things can be really helpful when struggling with bouts of depression and we will look more at these in our session next week.  Please click here to find out more about the symptoms of depression. from a BBC website.

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