A letter to my younger self

At today’s group we wanted to look at how people could show compassion to their younger self.  The idea of this exercise was to, as an adult address a child part that is still hurting and to show compassion and understanding for their younger self in a nurturing way rather than trying to change thingsContinue reading “A letter to my younger self”

Having fun and healing the pain

  For some the very thought of having fun may seem such a scary thing. One of the reasons may be that their belief system tells them that they do not deserve to have fun. This may have been formed by the individual’s life experiences.  Having fun is so good for our wellbeing and is something we want toContinue reading “Having fun and healing the pain”

Medication, Therapies and You

    In last weeks group people offered their thoughts, feelings and experiences of medications and treatments for mental health issues. Firstly we talked about the array of anti-depressants, after establishing the difference between these and mood stabilising medications; mood stabilisers are for people who experience very high and low mood whereas anti-depressants are forContinue reading “Medication, Therapies and You”