Doing something new!


We started the group by watching the video below of J.K. Rowling speaking of a time where she hit rock bottom but what this built for her, so we talked about how we learn some very foundational skills at the bottom because we have to be resourceful, creative, imaginative and courageous to survive.  Being rock bottom is not usually a place we choose (!) so it is definitely out  of the comfort zone.

We had a think about why it is good to do new things in general; it keeps us fresh, opens us up to new opportunities and prevents us from being stuck in a rut, stagnant and bored. new things that people had tried recently or were planning on were volunteering, new recipes and exercise.

Sometimes it can be a big deal to step out and try something new; there can be a fear of the unknown, a lack of belief in our ability or capability and there may also be practical or physical barriers to overcome.

We had a look at our book ‘Walking on Sunshine 52 small steps to happiness’ by Rachel Kelly.  She writes about ‘Habit Releasers’ where she makes a conscious effort to do something she wouldn’t usually do, for example sit in a different seat or take an alternative route. One of hers was to go to the cinema and only choose the film when she got there. Kelly describes how these small changes make a big difference making her fell more alive, more aware and less stuck in autopilot.

What could you do differently today?!

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