Have you lost your fun?


Today we looked at what happened in people’s lives and why they stopped doing the things they enjoy such as singing, dancing, enjoying music and art, being creative -drawing and baking and self-development.  People explored how they had become fearful through experiences or illness; fearful of others judgment or too fearful in life to enjoy pleasurable things.  Others battled with depression and other mental illness which was exhausting and kind of ‘sucked the soul’ out of them taking away the vision and energy.  Others felt railroaded into choices and decisions in life which left them no space to create and develop.

So, we looked at what people felt they needed to change to get back on the road to fun and creativity.  People needed to find their peace sometimes despite what was going on around them, and overcoming some personal fears about ‘not being good enough’ to just enjoy doing, even if we are not as good at it as we’d like to be.  For others it was taking a step to go back to doing something they used to, to believe, and very importantly to have a vision or a picture of how they would like things to be.

We talked about what support people felt they needed, everyone seemed to say that it was important to be accepted and not judged and encouraged and to meet like minded people who understood you.

Our group next meets on Thursday Nov 24th, we are not meeting tomorrow Thursday 17th.

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