Taking a risk for the better


At today’s group we spent some time seeing how life was for group members. Most group members were going through struggles in their lives.  Being able to talk about these struggles helped them feel better and less alone.  When people are going through hard times in life it can feel really tough to say how you feel.  This may be from fear of ridicule or that you are a burden to others. That is why it is so beneficial to have a safe space to talk.

While in low mood our thoughts and beliefs can become irrational.  That is why today’s group was so beneficial in that it allowed group members the opportunity to explore their beliefs and thoughts in a safe way.  In order to look at beliefs and thoughts we completed a (CBT) Cost Benefit Analysis tool. Using this tool enabled group members to break down their problems into small chunks. Our beliefs are formed from our own life experiences so it can feel such a relief when we realise that a long-held belief we hold about ourselves may not necessarily be true.  Another benefit of the tool is it can aid us to see what changes we may want to make in our lives.  As we have mentioned many times before, change can mean different things for different people.  Some people are able to embrace change,but for others it can invoke a real fear of the unknown.  The thought of change can feel more frightening than actually doing it.  Many of us may prefer to remain in our comfort zone and resist making a change.  At times in our lives when change has been thrust upon us it can turn out to be the best thing that has happened to us leaving you wishing the change had happened sooner.  In conclusion, change can be whatever we want it to be and it might just be the right time to leave your comfort zone and take that risk!

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