Recovery is possible

We watched the above TED talk in our group today and people spoke about their experiences of times of mental illness, either their own or a family member.  Ruby Wax had made the observation that if you are physically unwell people send cards and flowers and get well wishes.  However she experienced that whilst inContinue reading “Recovery is possible”

Have you lost your fun?

Today we looked at what happened in people’s lives and why they stopped doing the things they enjoy such as singing, dancing, enjoying music and art, being creative -drawing and baking and self-development.  People explored how they had become fearful through experiences or illness; fearful of others judgment or too fearful in life to enjoyContinue reading “Have you lost your fun?”

Taking a risk for the better

At today’s group we spent some time seeing how life was for group members. Most group members were going through struggles in their lives.  Being able to talk about these struggles helped them feel better and less alone.  When people are going through hard times in life it can feel really tough to say how youContinue reading “Taking a risk for the better”

Speaking up for those who can’t

At today’s group members looked at people had made a difference in their lives whether it be someone we knew or someone famous.  Group members reflected on these important people from their childhoods.  Leaders of groups like The Boys Brigade, The Scouts, The Brownies and certain teachers at school all played a part in their development,Continue reading “Speaking up for those who can’t”