How children’s T.V shows saved me


At today’s group we looked at some of the T.V programmes we watched and loved as kids. What was evident from the discussion was how children’s T.V programmes had provided an escapism from difficult childhoods and how some people felt that they wouldn’t have survived without them.

Some people in the group described how, as children programmes featuring horses had thrilled them such as Black Beauty, Champion the Wonder Horse and the Loan Ranger, the horses seemed so free and strong inspiring play of pretending to be a horse and galloping free.  Happy Days was much loved along with Double Decker and people wanted to be ‘those kids’, Swap Shop too was fondly remembered-the forerunner to ebay! and Mr. Ben and Grange Hill.

We discussed how the T.V presenters of children’s programmes and the stars of the shows are important role models-for some children; they may be the only messengers of encouragement some children may have in their lives.

There is some research around which suggests that for some people connecting with happy memories or good can help them feel better particularly with feelings of depression. If it’s one little thing that helps then perhaps it’s worth a try. Certainly group members enjoyed remembering today.

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