Tell me a story


Listening to a story; we don’t do it so often anymore, but we definitely like stories, it’s why we go to the cinema or watch T.V and we all tell our stories day by day with friends and family, but the art of telling a story or even the art of listening to a story can sometimes be a bit lost among the flashing images and soundbites and 160 characters and concepts reduced to 15 second ideas.  So today we just listened, maybe as we did as children, to a story being read and engaged with the words we heard and the images our mind conjured.

We listened to a children’s story by Dr. Seuss of the 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.  People had a different experience of listening, some wandered at times in their minds but found the space relaxing, others related to aspects of the story and interpreted within their own personal context and found meaning.  People heard a message of perseverance in this story.  And hope, an illustration of recovery and not giving up.

Dr. Seuss himself was rejected by 27 publishers himself before his first children’s book was finally published  before becoming the worlds bestselling children’s author, so maybe the theme of not giving up was an important one for him to share.

One of Dr. Seusse’s themes in his books was about an abuse of power and strongly sticking to angry rules.  In the story we read we see the rules being applied to an unprecedented situation with unjust and unfitting consequences and an authority not earned but built on expecting respect.

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