Relaxing with birdsong

Relaxation is always popular in the Choose Life Group and over the years we have tried different sorts; breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness and guided scripts.  This time we imagined a walk in the forest to the accompaniment of birdsong from the YouTube video above.  Some people followed the script and enjoyed the forest, others ended up in different places. This is ok it’s your own imagination!  As long as it is a relaxing experience.  Some found it a bit harder to leave the stresses of the here and now, and we discussed that while relaxation tools can be great, if you are in a very heightened state you may not be able to benefit from them at that time, sometimes relaxation can work if you catch yourself becoming anxious early enough to use it.  If you are very anxious it is still worth trying to to take a few long, deep breaths as this will help your body to calm down.

We also found the birdsong very relaxing and calming, what a beautiful thing it is that the birds provide a soundtrack to everyday life.

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