The group celebrates 4th birthday

This week was a week of celebration as we had our 4th birthday of the Choose Life group starting.  It was good to reflect on the people who had been through the group over this time and what they have achieved; we have seen people arrive in quite a suicidal place who overtime have workedContinue reading “The group celebrates 4th birthday”

Relaxing with birdsong

Relaxation is always popular in the Choose Life Group and over the years we have tried different sorts; breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness and guided scripts.  This time we imagined a walk in the forest to the accompaniment of birdsong from the YouTube video above.  Some people followed the script and enjoyed the forest,Continue reading “Relaxing with birdsong”

What Can help?

At today’s group we looked at what can help someone who has hit rock bottom and needs support.  Some things we may deem as basic such as getting out of bed or having a shower may feel too much for someone in this situation.  What things can help someone like this? Some things group membersContinue reading “What Can help?”