Practising how to deal with challenges


Today we looked at techniques that can help keep us safe and also become more self-aware of how we respond to situations.  A big challenge for people in recovery is when situations happen in life which are outwith their control.  If previously someone’s coping mechanism in dealing with stress or upset had been to drink for example, the real challenge for the individual is being able to have healthy coping mechanisms and to not revert back to the old unhealthy ones no matter the emotional pain they feel.  The group then did a role playing exercise where a member brought a scenario that was on their mind. The group were then able to act out what may happen in this scenario so as to prepare the person for how they may react in the situation.  It seemed to be a worthwhile experience with a bit of hilarity from people’s acting skills!  In all seriousness though doing role playing exercises really can be helpful in preparing people for situations that may occur.






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