Big Boys Can Cry!


Due to having to make a late change to the group programme for today the group decided to have a discussion on emotions and the way people are able to show them or not as may be the case.  A big part of the choose life group is encouraging others to be able to say how they feel within a safe environment and to help reduce stigma around mental health. What was interesting about the group discussion was how people feel judged by society if they were to show emotion.  Some people may feel it is a sign of weakness to show emotion or vulnerability due to their life experiences.  The discussion then moved on to how Men deal with this.  We live in a culture and society where traditionally Men may find it hard to show emotions openly unless a football match.  Why is our society like this?  When you think back to Paul Gascoigne crying at World cup Italia 1990 and all the support and compassion he received from people, why has society not moved on?  You can also remember in more recent times the way the public responded to Andy Murray after he burst into tears following a Wimbledon final. The general public were very compassionate and positive in their response to him which was a massive turnaround from the dour Scotsman image some people had of him.  In essence both Paul Gascoigne and Andy Murray crying brought them to the hearts of the nation.  This being the case why is there still a big taboo about men crying?  Certainly part of the group’s recent aims is to get more Men to access the group.  We want to help change the culture around talking about emotions and show people that it is a brave thing to do and not a sign of weakness.


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