Practising how to deal with challenges

Today we looked at techniques that can help keep us safe and also become more self-aware of how we respond to situations.  A big challenge for people in recovery is when situations happen in life which are outwith their control.  If previously someone’s coping mechanism in dealing with stress or upset had been to drink forContinue reading “Practising how to deal with challenges”

Taking medication

Today at the group we used some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy tools to look at issues group members were going through.  One of the issues that came up is quite a common one for people sadly; taking medication for mental health.  It’s such a good point the actress Jennifer Lawrence (above) makes about how it seemsContinue reading “Taking medication”

Big Boys Can Cry!

Due to having to make a late change to the group programme for today the group decided to have a discussion on emotions and the way people are able to show them or not as may be the case.  A big part of the choose life group is encouraging others to be able to say how they feel within aContinue reading “Big Boys Can Cry!”