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Today at the group we looked at the recently launched Addiction Recovery Companion app for mobile phone and tablet device. The app is for people who are in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. ARC-Edinburgh brings together information and tools to help you access recovery services, organise your life and keep motivated to stay on track.

Group members found the many resources on the app to be very helpful in that it allows you access to  information on other groups and services within the city.  There are so many good and valuable services in the city which people are not always aware of it so hopefully this will go some way to alleviating this.

What was nice for members to see was that some of their ideas they had put forward while the app was being created had made it on to the app.  One of the ideas that made it on to the app was the “need help” section where you can put an emergency contact in your device and once preset will automatically allow you to contact that person if you felt in crisis. Another bit of input from the group was the inspirational quotes section which can help to inspire and give you hope for your recovery.

Please click on this link for further information on this app




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