The discipline of relaxation. And kittens.


I think we realised today that relaxing takes a conscious effort, you would think it might just happen naturally, but often we are so busy either physically or in our own thoughts that it actually takes a concerted effort to stop and breath! Some of us came to the group today feeling so busy with things going on that it felt like relaxation wouldn’t work or wouldn’t fit in with busy thinking processes of worry or stress or adrenalin pumping through our bodies. But,we stopped. We sat still,we closed our eyes,we allowed the chairs to hold us,the ground beneath our feet to literally ground us,the voice to guide us and our breath to calm us. We simply breathed deeply and became aware of taking oxygen in and around our bodies.  We went through a progressive muscle relaxation allowing each set of muscles to first become tense and then relaxed from our feet to our heads. This allows us to notice how much we hold tension and how good it is to release it. Particularly around our shoulders, where are your shoulders right now? If they are up at your ears, let them drop! Our shoulders should not be tensed up to our ears.

We achieved a state of relaxation, just by stopping, breathing and becoming aware of holding tension and deliberately releasing it. Ahhah. So much better, on with the day and a reminder to self that we need to plan in relaxation, because if we don’t,in modern life we just keep on running and our shoulders get too high up.

We also looked at some other activities which may be relaxing, 101 are listed in this link., though some suggestions listed such as jumping on the bed or cleaning ceased to sound like relaxing activities to us personally, though we did take up the suggestion of watching cute animal videos and tried a bit of this at the end of our session today.

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