Can we find hope to live?


Today in the group we revisited an exercise we had previously done in the group some time ago.  The exercise looked at the pros and cons of taking my life.  It looks into someone’s beliefs around this and breaks them down into two categories, the pros and cons.

Taking my own life

Pros                                                                                  Cons

I don’t have to pay bills                                                 Leaving children behind

I have no worries                                                            Leaving financial mess for someone

I am no longer a burden to to others                          Don’t know what might have been

I am not in emotional pain                                           It is final


Continuing to live

Pros                                                                                Cons

I can make changes to help myself                                I have to look at my problems

I can see my children grow up                                        I have to risk failure

I can spend time with loved ones                                   Dealing with responsibilities


This exercise really helped people see things in a rational way and see the big picture rather than thinking or acting on impulse.

(The above picture was found on our twitter feed by an illustrator on Instagram @jessgrantdesigns).


Below is a really thought provoking poem








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