Working Together To Create A Better Future



On Thursday 26th May 2016 some group members attended the “A sense of belonging” conference which was held at Heriot Watt University.  It was good to meet up and network with people from the different mental health services in Lothian.  One of the first topics discussed was people’s experiences of going to see their GP regarding their mental health.  This has certainly been a common topic within the Choose life group since its inception almost four years ago.  Some of the feedback included; people not being able to get an appointment as they could only phone up on the day, and by the time they got through all the day’s appointments were gone.  If someone is already feeling depressed you can only imagine the devastating effect this can have on them.  Most people acknowledged how stretched and busy people who work for the NHS are but would still like to see some sort of change in this area.

There were a variety of workshops which included looking at what self-harm was, using technology to reach out to others, and using music as a way to heal.

We hope that with the coming together of all the services at this conference and the mutual passion shown, positive changes can happen.





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