Finding your inner strengths


Today at the group we looked at what we think our strengths are.  Firstly each group member was given post-it notes to write down what they felt their strengths and gifts are. This can prove to be not a particularly easy thing to do if we are not feeling good about ourselves.  However, today people were able to list some of their strengths.  It was nice to see members being able to do this despite the challenges they constantly face in their lives.  For the second exercise each group member listed on post-it notes what they felt their fellow group members strengths were. Once this was completed everyone read out their lists of what others saw in them to the rest of the group.  The lists were quite extensive!  There was a lot of similarities in the strengths that people saw in one another. What was interesting was how massive the list were for each person was compared to what the individual thought themselves.

People really enjoyed doing this  exercise, and the good thing is that group members can take away their lists and pull them out  if they ever felt feelings of low self-worth.

It was a very worthwhile group today and helped people to see their worth to others, becoming more self-aware and ultimately having compassion for oneself.

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