Finding your inner strengths

Today at the group we looked at what we think our strengths are.  Firstly each group member was given post-it notes to write down what they felt their strengths and gifts are. This can prove to be not a particularly easy thing to do if we are not feeling good about ourselves.  However, today people were ableContinue reading “Finding your inner strengths”

‘Feel better when I’m dancin’

Another Zumba session had been requested by the Choose Life Group, so this week we danced, and shimmied and laughed while wiggling. The Zumba website cites a few articles and studies showing the benefits of dance connected with physical and mental health, they are all contained in the following link.  Click here to see theContinue reading “‘Feel better when I’m dancin’”

The Meaning of Mindfulness

Today we explored what people understand by ‘Mindfulness’ and their experiences of it.  Some people knew nothing about it, others had experienced it in a Buddist context and others had experienced the ‘Mindful Raisin’ exercise.  Sounds intriguing?  People had sat with raisins and considered what they look like, sound like, smell like and taste like!!!Continue reading “The Meaning of Mindfulness”