Laughter is the best medicine

laughter            laughter 2

At today’s group we came back to a popular topic which is well loved by the group “humour”!  Group members recounted on numerous occasions that being able to have a little laugh can go some way to relieving some of the challenges they faced in life. Some people found using black humour helped them see things in a different way and took the seriousness and pressure out of tough situations.  Although humour is totally subjective, we can all relate to a time when something really made us chuckle.  Some of the things that group members found funny were TV shows and movies like; “Still game”, “Fawlty Towers”, “Friends”, “Police Academy”, and comedians like Frankie Boyle  and Kevin Bridges and Ruby Wax.  Below is a video from Ruby Wax who has suffered from depression but found humour to be a life saver while also giving her the opportunity to raise awareness of mental health in the process!

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