Laughter is the best medicine

             At today’s group we came back to a popular topic which is well loved by the group “humour”!  Group members recounted on numerous occasions that being able to have a little laugh can go some way to relieving some of the challenges they faced in life. Some people found usingContinue reading “Laughter is the best medicine”

Inspiring hope

Today the group looked at what inspired them as individuals.  Group members were highly inspired by each others strengths and willingness to get through hard times in their life.   That shared compassion for one another lead to the group discussing the best way to achieve goals and to make positive changes in their lives.Continue reading “Inspiring hope”

Movie Therapy

Today at the group we looked at what movies were meaningful for them at different stages of their lives.  This session was very similar to the group we did on music but now focussing on movies.  Very much like music, movies can carry us on a nostalgic journey of what was going on for us around theContinue reading “Movie Therapy”