Surprising yourself with achievements



steven spielberg

We considered how we often base success on societies view of what is a good achievement.  The group identified with Rachel Kelly’s experience that “I  can feel inadequate when I define life as a series of milestones and find I’m not the place I have decided is an arbitrary indicator of success……Flip into the world of results and ‘achievements’ and I quickly become anxious, pressurised by my own and societies expectations.”

So at the group we considered some things we had achieved and were really pleased with and why.  It seemed that as we shared we were really pleased when we achieved the things that we had always been rubbish at or had experienced negatively at school but then in adult life tried it again and had a different experience, ok not record breaking, but we did it and that felt good.  For some people this was gaining qualifications as adults as for whatever reason they had not been able to apply themselves at school but they found joy in these achievements and they were more meaningful later in life.

As human beings we can be self-critical at times, either comparing ourselves to others, or what we think society expects of us.  Once we become aware we are behaving like this we can make a change for the better on what we feel is right for our future at the right time. Remember, things in life can all be about timing and circumstance.  Just because you feel you have not achieved certain things in life does not mean it will never happen. Circumstances can change in your life, never give up hope!

Below is a highly inspirational video which was used at the very start of the Choose Life group’s inception.




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