Raising Awareness

Communication concept isolated on white


A common thread in previous group discussions was how it was felt that there was not enough information about the group publicised.  Some group members had wished they had known about the group sooner.  With this in mind we decided to use today’s group as a way to see what could be done to promote the group and raise awareness of the groups hopes and aims.  An idea the group have is to create a video explaining what the group is all about.  The group would want the video to achieve many things including;

  • Raising awareness of mental health
  • Allowing people to be themselves
  • Reducing shame around health
  • Showing ways to care for yourself

Above all, the hope is that people will identify with what the group is about and that it may be a group that can help and empower them.

The group will commence work on the video soon, watch this space!

The group would like to end this weeks blog with a quote that they thought about while discussing how to reach out to others

“Where there’s life there’s hope”








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