A life of meaning

forgiveness not permission girl-and-laughing-camel1 live like someone left the gate open

The group had requested a session on what is meaningful, or helpful.  ‘Meaningful’ can mean a number of different things, it maybe physical or metaphorical, a person a place or an event which changed your life, attitudes or beliefs.  During our discussion we covered a number of topics which have significance for people.  For some, having objects previously owned by people special to us take on meaning, maybe because of the connection to the person and what the object signified to them.

We talked about poetry again today, people still think about Christine De Luca’s visit to the group and how inspiring it can be to communicate things using poetic words and imagery, in fact several group member have since produced poems, please check our poems page to see these.

We also talked about life having meaning involving life having quality.  It can feel to people that when they are suicidal, people are very concerned about the risk of them taking their life, however, in order to see the value of preserving life, that life needs to be seen as having quality in order for reason, purpose, peace, hope, joy, contentment, healing and community….a life worth living.  We hope that within this group that we do enable acceptance, expression, care and tools and strategies in order to help people’s minds become a better place to live; movement from the dark places and different ways of thinking and perceiving events, and hope that healing and restoration are possible.  Group members work hard at times to push themselves through discomfort and difficult feelings and we share in the joy of those achievements together, such as getting up and out and maintaining a morning routine, this was felt to be meaningful.  Sometimes just the simplicity of getting up and having breakfast can contribute to a better day as people are more likely to do something with their day.  Sometimes the achievements are starting something new or returning to something they used to do like cycling, gardening, reading, singing or dancing.  Group members talked about the significance of their hobbies and activities as these can help them to be less isolated, and to reconnect with creative parts of themselves.  One of these hobbies mentioned by group members was Tv box sets.  Some of the most popular among group members included, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Suits” and “Friends” just to name a few.  No matter the difference in people’s hobbies the most important thing is the natural stimulus it gives the person to maintain a healthy lifestyle.




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