We Choose Life

we choose life

We were delighted to have a big group last week and to welcome a new member and to welcome our guest and friend of Choose Life, Geoffrey Baines.  We enjoyed a conversation that was peaceful and positive about one of Geoffrey’s key themes which is discovering that which enegizes you and that which de-energizes you.  One of Geoffrey’s suggestions for discovering this is to keep a list of; ‘I loved it when…..’ and ‘I loathed it when…..’as doing this can help us discover our natural passions.  We chatted about applying this in a job situation, many people end up in jobs they loath and which drain them, they ended up there because they are good at it, not necessairily because they love it, we talked about the idea of being free to think about trying new things, people can get stuck in a rut of thinking things like “I’ve always done this so I’m best to stick with this kind of work”  or “I’m too old to retrain and do something new”.  This also caused us to question; who says that our productivity or creativity or even flexibility ceases when we reach the age of 65?  (Apparently this may have been the U.S government when initially deciding pensionable age).  We also considered some fears that can become barriers such as considering financial security and the idea of a big leap into something new, so we talked about how to take small steps.  Certainly it would be frightening and in most cases not advisable to just leave a job with nothing to go to, however, its no harm to have a look at the job pages and see what kind of things are out there, then maybe check out organisations websites to get more information, we may even try a phonecall to get more information, maybe a visit, some voluntary hours or an application form.  These are small manageable steps and each one does not require a big sacrificial step, we make small decisions on the journey as we go.

Importantly, we also discussed the impact having depression can have because in times of illness it can be hard to believe that you are able to do or achieve anything, when confidence is low it can be difficult to know what may energise or inspire you and generally the journey of self discovery may feel quite veiled.  These are issues we will explore over the next few weeks as we look at building confidence and awareness of worth, how we can suprise ourselves with what we can acheive at times, and what we can turn to which can provide us with meaning, inspiration and help.

Different people shared for them what it had meant to take some risks and leave a de-energising and wearying situation and step into something new and different where they could thrive, grow and feel passionate.

Once again with warm thanks to Geoffrey, it was a timely and topical visit.  As we chatted, Geoffrey created the doodle for us pictured at the top of the page.  This will have pride of place on our group room wall. For more of Geoffrey’s doodles and thoughts you can visit his website; thinsilence.org




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