Surprising yourself with achievements

    We considered how we often base success on societies view of what is a good achievement.  The group identified with Rachel Kelly’s experience that “I  can feel inadequate when I define life as a series of milestones and find I’m not the place I have decided is an arbitrary indicator of success……Flip intoContinue reading “Surprising yourself with achievements”

Raising Awareness

  A common thread in previous group discussions was how it was felt that there was not enough information about the group publicised.  Some group members had wished they had known about the group sooner.  With this in mind we decided to use today’s group as a way to see what could be done to promoteContinue reading “Raising Awareness”

A life of meaning

The group had requested a session on what is meaningful, or helpful.  ‘Meaningful’ can mean a number of different things, it maybe physical or metaphorical, a person a place or an event which changed your life, attitudes or beliefs.  During our discussion we covered a number of topics which have significance for people.  For some,Continue reading “A life of meaning”

Rebuilding Confidence, Self-Worth and Value

Because we have been broken does not mean that we have lost our value or become, as some may horribly declare, ‘damaged goods’.  In Japan, the ancient art of ‘kintsugi’ where broken vessels are repaired with gold-dust means that the piece “becomes unique and arguably more beautiful” says Rachel Kelly, whose book ‘Walking on Sunshine’Continue reading “Rebuilding Confidence, Self-Worth and Value”

We Choose Life

We were delighted to have a big group last week and to welcome a new member and to welcome our guest and friend of Choose Life, Geoffrey Baines.  We enjoyed a conversation that was peaceful and positive about one of Geoffrey’s key themes which is discovering that which enegizes you and that which de-energizes you. Continue reading “We Choose Life”