Laughter heals the bones

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We were delighted to have with us at the group this week Stuart and Shug from Universal Comedy.   The services provide comedy as an educational tool to improve the lives of young people and adults with long-term ill-health. They run courses which help;

  • Improve self-esteem, confidence and motivation
  • Reduce isolation
  • Help reduce stress and encourage positive thinking
  • Enhance and improve general health and well-being
  • Provide a network of friendship

Stuart and Shug treated us to their stand-up routine which we all enjoyed and had a good chuckle in the process!

Following the stand-up routine we all had a good chat and discussion with Stuart and Shug regarding comedy and health.  They mentioned how having the ability to laugh at their problems and difficulties had became a life changing experience for them.  They have gained so much confidence and happiness from doing the comedy workshops that it has had a positive knock-on effect on other aspects of their lives.

The group would like to say a massive thank you to Stuart and Shug for all that they brought to the group and the how their stories inspire and create hope for others.

It is truly amazing the way in which comedy can be good medicine for our health!

Below is a interesting article about a comedian who also used comedy to help with his depression

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