In this week’s group we explored how people used food and any connections they could make between what or how they eat and their health or mood.  It transpired that some people have a love of sugary sweet things and do use these type of foods for quick energy or a rush.  It also emerged that people actually really enjoy cooking healthy, sometimes organic meals with lots of vegetables and spices.  Other people recognised that for them to eat well is a whole lifestyle approach; for example, if you exercise you feel good and then you prefer to eat healthy, nourishing foods to keep up the good work as it were. We then looked at some information taken from various sources around the web, the information contained therein seems to be common across a number of sources, however we cannot verify 100% accuracy of facts.

We also had a look at a few tips from Ella Woodward’s new book; ‘Deliciously Ella Every Day’ about good ways to relate to food, which we have inserted here;deliciouslyella.   Group members talked about how much they could identify with the section on how the colours on our plate can influence us and how we all eat with our eyes first.


Below is a video of the slides we used in the group;





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