How music is good for the soul

  Today in the group we looked at how music can play a big part in people’s lives.  We can sometimes recall parts of our past while listening to music, weather it be a school disco, first boyfriend/girlfriend, holidays, the list goes on.  Even if you are unable to remember the year of certain memories in your life, chances are youContinue reading “How music is good for the soul”

Laughter heals the bones

We were delighted to have with us at the group this week Stuart and Shug from Universal Comedy.   The services provide comedy as an educational tool to improve the lives of young people and adults with long-term ill-health. They run courses which help; Improve self-esteem, confidence and motivation Reduce isolation Help reduce stress and encourage positiveContinue reading “Laughter heals the bones”


In this week’s group we explored how people used food and any connections they could make between what or how they eat and their health or mood.  It transpired that some people have a love of sugary sweet things and do use these type of foods for quick energy or a rush.  It also emergedContinue reading “Nutrition”