Worrying about the day you’ll never see

mark twain

In last weeks group we explored some people’s fears and worries and came to realise that we can worry so much about something happening, or losing something, that we are unable to enjoy life and what we have because every peaceful enjoyable moment is robbed by worry.  Sometimes what we fear the most is fear itself rather than the catastrophic thoughts we may have.  If we can learn to deal and adapt to situations that life throws at us we will be in a far better position to make the changes we need to make.  Some celebrities have talked about not feeling able to enjoy the benefits that being a celebrity brings for fear of losing it all.  People who worry a lot may make say things like this; “things are going so well something bad is about to happen”  “This is too good to be true” or “I am worried as I have nothing to worry about!”  While we cannot predict the future it is good if we can learn to embrace the good times in life and to not worry about things that may never happen.

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