Staying safe over Christmas


In this weeks group, though small again, it was of great comfort for people to be together and feel that they are not alone in the situations they are facing.  We looked at a few articles on how to stay well and beat stress over the Christmas period.  Please see our pinterest board for these.

In particular we discussed a principal which has been very freeing for some people, in that basically we don’t have to put up with rubbish from other people.  We don’t need to stay and listen to it, and we don’t have to believe it.  Just because something is said to us does not mean it is true, as often unpleasant things which are said to us are coming from an irrational place.


We considered practical issues such as budgeting, eating healthily and exercise.  At this time of year in Scotland it is good to grab any opportunity for a quick walk when we see the sun is out-however briefly!!

As a group today we tweeted, which was a social media first for some!

We also began to make a Christmas tree with messages of hope and recovery for our building so that people can encourage one another.

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