Today in the group we explored goals and aspirations by using some SMART Recovery tools.  First of all we had a think about what were the top five things that we valued most in life e.g. Family, health, peace of mind e.t.c.  From these we began to think of what would we like to have in our future e.g. good health, and so what are we doing right now to achieve this e.g. walking regularly which we feel good about or the opposite could be watching too much T.V and feeling bad about that but the exercise then helps to prompt us to work towards our goal.  Using these tools today helped some people to put active plans into place while it helped others to begin exploring what they may want to do and possible ways to go about it.  As we chatted it became apparent that trying something new or reaching for a goal can feel intimidating.  However, if we break it down and do it in small steps it can feel more manageable as the first step may be just be a toe in the water or an inquiry and doesn’t require a big commitment, sacrifice or huge life change and can feel OK to just put feelers out about something.  If we feel OK or excited about that, we can move onto the next step without feeling any sense of pressure.


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