Looking at the bigger picture


One of the aims of the Choose Life group is to help people to be more self-aware.  Self-awareness can help us to reflect on how we respond to situations or people, and when we know this, we will recognise what is difficult for us and we can then put boundaries into place to help us to stay safe.

In order to improve our mood, it is important that we can learn how to look at the whole picture rather than focusing on  just certain parts.  When our mood is low it may be a tendency  to focus on the negative side of situations and forget about the achievements or good things we have in our lives.  For example if a piece of work you had created was being reviewed by 100 people and 99 people praised it and 1 person was critical of it, you may tend to focus on the one critical review and dismiss the 99 people who praised it!  We want to help people to look at the whole picture, to be able to learn from mistakes in life but also to “bank” good experiences and achievements in life.  That is why just over a year ago the group created the “Good notice board” part of the meeting. This is held near the end of the meeting and is an opportunity for group members to log good and positive things that have happened for them in the last week.  This can feel hard for people to do if their mood is low.   However, it can really help us to have a brighter day if we take notice of some of the small things that make a difference such as “somebody held the door for me today at the supermarket”.  Doing this can help us have a more rounded look at our lives as a whole.

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