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Music saved my life


Today’s group was all about music and how it can play a part in enriching our lives.  The group had previously done a session on music and wanted to explore it further.  As with the previous session we discussed what music people were listening to at different stages of their lives.  One of the really fascinating things about doing this exercise was how it could open up stories from peoples’ past and the significance of a particular piece of music.  As with the previous session we did it chronologically from 10 years of age, 15 years of age and 20 years of age.  The experiences and influences in peoples lives reflected the music talked they where listening to.  Music can trigger memories like say taste or smell.  Group members talked about how music provided a massive comfort for them while they going through hard times.  Music allowed group members to feel all different types of emotions that they maybe could not do in front of someone else.  The power of music was really evident when a member mentioned that music had saved her life while she struggled with isolation.


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Finding Inner peace

relaxation 4

Today we looked at a variety of topics.  We explored ways to maintain strength in our convictions while facing emotional abuse from others.  We may not have control over what people say or think about us.  However, we do have control over how we respond to such situations.

As the main topic of the group today was “relaxation” we discussed what were peoples’ favourite holiday destinations and why?  While group members explained the reasons for their choices, it became apparent that the destinations chosen were environments they felt gave them an inner peace. Thinking about this safe environment helped give people a different perspective on life.  We then went on to do a relaxation exercise which left people with a sense off calmness.  Doing relaxation exercises can prove to be so beneficial, as it can feel at times that life goes by at “100 MPH” and that we never stop.

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The Benefit of Movement

live love dance

Mental Health Foundation say that physical activity is good for your body but it’s great for your mind too.  Research has shown that exercise releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good – boosting your self-esteem, helping you concentrate as well as sleep, look and feel better. Not bad for something we can quite easily do for free!

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Today at the group we did a Zumba class, this was really interesting as we have a wide variety of topics in the group programme.  Group members were keen to try this as they realise that exercise increases levels of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins which make you feel better.  See more in our previous blog post from February: The benefits of exercise

Group members were enthusiastic about taking  part in the dancing as they had mentioned that they had restless energy to expend.  They felt that they had had a good workout and had worked their muscles, along with having fun and a laugh particularly at some instances of quite exuberant moves!

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The Benefits of Art


After some hard work last week on thoughts, we had a more gentle session today looking at how we could make things which could be calming and grounding when thoughts and anxieties are turbulent.  So we made a collection of glitter jars, click the link for a recipe from pinterest   Glitter Jars This allows us to take time to allow our thoughts to settle as the glitter settles.  Also useful for calming down children.  We painted stones to put in your pocket to remind you of things, please see our pinterest board for lots of beautiful inspiration  Painted Stones

It was just quite chilled and relaxing making things today and allowed natural chat and laughter.