Choose Life @ Simpson House is 3 years old

3rd birthday


This week we celebrated that the Choose Life Group has been running for 3 years.  We were delighted to welcome back a founder member for the celebration and people enjoyed reconnecting or meeting for the first time.  Although life’s struggles don’t seem to take a day off we were able to have fun together with some lighthearted games allowing some hilarity, particularly at our own attempt at ‘Would I lie to you?’…..I mean, did he really spend a night in cells for a Poll Tax protest?

One member reflected on how good it was that everyone could laugh together, because there have been times when one person cried and in true empathy, so did everyone else.  So it’s good to share life’s journey, together with it’s ups and downs, because supportive relationships will always make it easier.  We also celebrated with people this week who had really pushed through some barriers, as discussed last week, and had found the power to  do the hardest, but the best thing.

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