Dealing with problematic thoughts

Paranoid thoughts        Fearful or intimidating thoughts Anxious thoughts         Negative thoughts Self-critical thoughts    Obsessive thoughts Past thoughts or memories Controlling thoughts, other voices that come from our past Helpless thoughts        Worthless thoughts Today in the group we explored some of these thoughts which can reallyContinue reading “Dealing with problematic thoughts”

Choose Life @ Simpson House is 3 years old

This week we celebrated that the Choose Life Group has been running for 3 years.  We were delighted to welcome back a founder member for the celebration and people enjoyed reconnecting or meeting for the first time.  Although life’s struggles don’t seem to take a day off we were able to have fun together withContinue reading “Choose Life @ Simpson House is 3 years old”

A very thin line?

Today was suicide prevention day and a lot of our discussions centred around it.   We looked at behaviours, either our own, or somebody else’s.  How we behave is a choice. Sometimes the boundaries around unacceptable behaviour can become clouded when there is illness involved.  Whilst you may have compassion and concern for someone who isContinue reading “A very thin line?”


Today we welcomed back Geoffrey Baines, official friend of ‘Choose Life’ and explored again the rest creating, clatter abating, easy way to focus and calm down everyday activity of doodling that everyone can do!  We all had a go at doodling with the prompt, ‘sunshine’. Interesting to see what individual minds created with this.  GeoffreyContinue reading “Vulnerability”


Today people in the group were feeling overwhelmed with issues in their lives.  when we have so many thoughts racing in our head it can become very draining and tiring for us. People in the group commented on how they can wake up early in the morning with lots of worries flashing through their heads.  When it’s earlyContinue reading “Relaxation”